@NeYoCompound mentions @MaryJBlige in BET News Interview

January 17, 2012
You have worked with everyone including Whitney, Mariah, Celine Dion and BeyoncĂ©.  Out of everyone you’ve worked with, who had the strongest effect on you musically?

Man, that’s a difficult question! I try to learn something in everything I do, especially musically. Celine Dion has an effortlessness in her voice. While listening to her, most people probably picture her straining to hit the notes. In actuality, she is looking at her phone and just belting! That showed me that your voice is a muscle, the more you train the muscle the easier it is to use it. BeyoncĂ© has an effortless talent. It is not going to take her long to do the song. I gave her the song and said, “I’m going to go get a drink of water.” I came back and the song was done! I was like “Okay, I’m going to take off then. Nice to meet you, bye!” [Laughs] It was that easy!

No disrespect to anyone that I’ve worked with, but I have to say Mary J. Blige above all. Every musical session has always turned into a therapy session. We sit and talk about life, family, the black, white and gray of what it means to be in this music business and how it can affect your life negatively and positively. She is like everyone’s favorite “Auntie.” You go to her and she always has the best advice, she knows exactly what to say and she tells you what you need to hear when you need to hear it. I love that about her, on top of the fact that she is ridiculously talented!



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