@MaryJBlige looking on the bright side after Oscar snub

February 13, 2012

Patton Oswalt and Daniel Radcliffe weren't the only ones feeling the burn of being overlooked by the Academy: R&B star Mary J. Blige says she too was disappointed that her song, "The Living Proof" from "The Help," wasn't nominated in the best original song category.
The artist tweeted about it when the nominations were announced, and tells CNN that the snub "hurt because we put our heart and soul into it and we worked really hard."
"You know, I wrote that song from [the] heart," she went on, adding that she's chalking it up to a learning experience. "I believe that God has something better. When something like that happens you just got to look at the bright side and say, 'Something better will come along.'”
Blige, who is also part of Bono's (RED) initiative, which helps combat HIV/AIDS, says she's happy that she's able to do something better with her stardom.
“I believe we lend our celebrity status to something because people will say, ‘Well if they are doing it, then we want to be a part of it too.' And I just don’t feel that we were given these careers and this platform and all of this superstar status to just be selfish with it. And the gift that we’ve been given is to draw people in.”


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