Song of the day: 'Birthday Girl' by @Starshell

February 4, 2012

Check out the review below...

In 2009 Laneah Menzies arrived on the scene as a Mary J. Blige protege; the first female signed to Matriarch Records. Through a publicized lawsuit, filed at Queens Supreme Court on 09Dec09, involving a car accident by a male claiming he suffered injuries after Menzies crashed into his Honda using Mary's luxury Bentley owned by Mary Jane Productions, to being accused by the media as the "other woman" in Blige's current marriage....she proves that she is a survivor, a winner, & positive energy can go a long way.

In July 2009 she released the Hip-Hop driven, JayZ sampled "Screaming My Name" featuring the Queen Mary Jane Blige. The record did not garner much attention, but the record (at that time) was like nothing on radio. A sound that TODAY could be very informative for radio. Something bold and fresh that needs a bit of tweaking here and there, but had mass potential to earn the hearts of millions.

Since then she has transformed, introducing a new sound (Electro-Pop) with a new name (Starshell). "SuperLova", the first song released and co-written by the lyrical genius herself. Sources say it was written for Britney Spears, eventually becoming a popular demo recorded by the current leading lady in Pop...Lady Gaga. Buzz for the record was very moderate, the song was accompanied by a poorly done music video. From the start confusion aroused as many wondered how can one take a song, re-do it, & try to elevate it past a level of being known as "A Lady Gaga Unreleased" song. However, many question if those are indeed Gaga's vocals (delusional stans), meanwhile the majority believes it's Gaga. I took a listen and sounds like a mixture of both Star and Gaga.

[Recently found out (via her twitter) that the name "Starshell" is a dedication to her sister "Starchelle" who committed suicide.]

From 2010-2011 Star contributed her lyrics to the theme song titled "Color" for the Oscar Nominated film "Precious", a mini-tour across the states, & a mix tape titled "Starshell Uncut". The mix-tape featured a version of Mary J. Blige's "I Can't Wait" with Mary, Will.i.Am, & Starshell's vocals. THIS SONG SHOULD OF BEEN HER RECORD FROM THE BEGINNING. SHOULD OF BEEN HER FIRST SINGLE.

Now we are in 2012 and we have "Birthday Girl", just released last week with promo pics and a decent amount of buzz for someone with such caliber. A fun, dance, pop record with an exotic, cute, soft, & sexy, NOT bold...but this works because it puts her in a lane of her own. A lane where the softer non-aggressive females are number 1, because they are who they are and look good doing it. Or maybe a bad bitch (think Rated R Rhianna) could be what it takes for Starshell to get to where she could be. Or maybe Starshell going back to Laneah because "Laneah" needs a second chance. Or maybe...ok, never mind. For sure, She will soon reign and many will bow.

However, one should wonder if Star's mission is to become Laneah or to become Starshell.


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