@MaryJBlige nominated at 2012 World Soundtrack Award

August 14, 2012

Best Original Song written directly for a Film

Lay Your Head Down from: "Albert Nobbs"
music by Brian Byrne, lyrics by Glenn Close, performed by Sinead O'Connor
Breath Of Life from " Snow White And The Huntsman"
music & lyrics by Florence Welch & Isabella Summers, performed by Florence + the Machine
The Living Proof from "The Help"
music & lyrics by Thomas Newman, Mary J. Blige, Harvey Mason Jr. & Damon Thomas, performed by  Mary J. Blige
Man Or Muppet from "The Muppets"
music & Lyrics by Bret McKenzie, performed by Jason Segel and Walter
Masterpiece from "W.E."
music & lyrics by  Madonna, Julie Frost & Jimmy Harry, performed by Madonna

The award winner will be announced at the October 20 closing ceremony of the Ghent international  film festival

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MARYSJOINT at: August 18, 2012 at 5:00 AM said...

Never get tired of The Living Proof-Hope Mary Gets This One- She deserves it- Its not the Oscar she was cheated out of & should have been given but at least she'll finally get some of the recognition she so deserved -Great Storyline Great Acting & one helluva Song

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