@TheXFactor UK contestant @JamesArthur23 receives a phone call from @MaryJBlige

October 12, 2012

 JAMES ARTHUR has been given a few tips – by surprise mentor Mary J Blige. 

 The American superstar singer called the wannabe last night after learning he was singing her song No More Drama on tonight’s show which has the theme of love and heartbreak.

ITV filmed the call for the show and James told her: “This is just blowing my mind right now. I’m such a big, big fan.

“How would you advise me to do what you did with the song and do it justice?”

She replied: “Sing the song like you want something to change in your life, like you really, really wanna change something and that’s it.

“Nicole (Scherzinger) was raving about you – you must be amazing. I don’t wanna wish you luck, just go get it.”



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