Fact of The Day: @IAmQueenLatifah Played Matchmaker For @MaryJBlige

June 25, 2013

If anyone knows about matters of the heart, it’s Mary J. Blige.  The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul sings about love and loss like no other, touching millions of fans with her raw and honest lyrics. But in 2000, while Blige was experiencing a career high with the  “Share My World” tour, the r&b songbird was missing that special someone to share her success with.  As fate would have it, a collaboration with Queen Latifah would introduce Blige to her future soulmate.

Kendu Isaacs, a music producer, flew out to Detroit with Latifah to meet with Blige.  There was an instant attraction between the two, but Blige held back, thinking Latifah and Kendu were a couple.  But Latifah eventually coaxed Blige to take the plunge and reach out to Isaacs.  In a 2010 Essence interview, Isaacs recalled their very first telephone conversation: ” ” ‘Can I speak to Kendu?’ You hear that voice, that tone she has. And I’m thinking, Oh, sit down. She’s asking, ‘Did you say you wanted to call me?’ “

Of their first date Blige said: “”There was something so fatherly and confident about him,” she says. “I think I fell in love with him then but got scared because he was the type of man I’d never seen before. He had this, ‘I can take care of you, I can make you feel safe’ thing. And I needed that.”

Blige and Isaacs married in a small, intimate ceremony in December 2003.


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