@Disclosure talks about working with @maryjblige

March 12, 2014

Howard, 19, and Guy, 22, were shocked when Queen of R'n'B Mary J. Blige got in touch with them to say she'd heard their track 'F For You' and wanted to cover it, but were left even more surprised when she explained she wanted to work with them to re-record it.

Howard told the Daily Star newspaper: ''Mary approached us which still amazes me. She emailed to say she loved F For You and wanted to cover it.

''So we were like, 'Ok fine, do your thing.' But what she meant was she wanted to add parts to the original song and turn it into a duet between me and her.

''She sent back hundreds of vocal parts and then came on stage with us as at a show in New York. I've never seen a crowd react like that - it was ridiculous.''

Disclosure's new version of F For You with Mary J is out now on digital retailers



foxevintage at: March 12, 2014 at 4:27 PM said...

i love it it was a hit to my brain it made me feel my music that i speak day after day

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